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Ubuntu Wellness Center
St. Rosaweg 23

Telefoon: 7478999 / 5611008

Website: www.ubuntucuracao.com

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Ubuntu means the essence of Humanity, the interconnectedness between every human being on earth. Ubuntu is a humanistic life philosophy practiced by prominent leaders of the world (Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Bishop Tutu and more).
Our wellness center seeks wellness on spiritual, nutritional, emotional, physical, mental and all other levels of the human existence.
Through different activities we bring people together to create a peaceful, friendly, and loving community in which each of us can express our brotherhood and sisterhood in freedom and acceptance of each other.

What we offer:
- Vegetarian Culinary Services
- Vegetarian Cooking Classes
- Intuitive Massages
- Facial & Body Toning
- Light Body work
- Lymphatic Drainage
- Body & Mind Detoxing
- Pain Relief Treatments
- Laughter Yoga
- Spiritual Consultancy
- Personal Development Workshops
- New Earth Kidz Club
- Spiritual Movie Showings
- Peace Meditation Circle
- Full Service Facilities Rental


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