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SFT Bank N.V.
Schottegatweg Oost 44

Telefoon: 732-2900
Fax: 732-2902
Website: www.sftbank.com/index.htm

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We offer all commercial and consumer banking services you may expect from a large bank, with a personal touch you can only get at a bank our size.

SFT is dedicated to your satisfaction, and takes your specific banking needs seriously.
While offering a variety of personal banking services, our primary focus is providing solutions to our corporate clients.

If you are looking for commercial and consumer loans, trade services, credit solutions, investment opportunities, E-commerce and E-banking solutions, mortgage loans and many other services, SFT is the right bank for you.

Our predecessor, the Curaçao Banking Corporation, was originally founded in 1982, dealing with an international clientele. In 1984, while facing increasing demands for domestic banking services, this corporation restructured itself into two separate divisions:
CITCO Banking Corporation, to continue working with international clients, and CITCO Bank Antilles, to serve the local market. In 1995 the name of CITCO Bank Antilles was changed to SFT Bank N.V.

While SFT bank is still servicing the local market on Curacao the bank has successfully developed into an international financial services company offering international clients restructuring financing, margin lending, custody services, card services including facilitating credit card processing for internet companies.

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