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Royal Seaquarium Restaurant
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Telefoon: 461-6666
Website: https://www.royalseaquariumresort.com/dining.asp

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Start your Curacao taste tour in The Sea Aquarium Resort with delicious food prepared by talented chef Augusto Ceccotti and don’t miss the nearby beachfront grill at Mambo Beach. There are many other fine restaurants within walking distance of the resort and in Willemstad to tempt your taste buds and you can go global when it comes to the menus.

The local seafood is fresh and flavorful and Caribbean and Latin American dishes are widely available. Try the traditional Indonesian rijsttafel or banquet that is a favorite wherever the Dutch have settled in the world or indulge yourself with spicy Indian food, French, Swiss and Italian cuisine. Chinese, Japanese and Thai are also on the menu and if you are a meat lover, you’ll find everything from hamburgers to prime steaks and BBQ ribs. Sample some Curacao cuisine or kuminda krioyo during your stay. The best place is the Marshe Bieu, the old market building in Willemstad, where stalls serve keshi yena, a steamed Dutch cheese with a tasty chicken stuffing, sopi di banana (plantain soup) and pastechi (fried meat pastry) Culinary walking tours are available in Willemstad and take you through Punda and Otrobanda to the Floating Market and the Marshe Bieu for a traditional Curacoan lunch. The resort Concierge will be happy to give you more dining tips and you can browse through sample menus at the Activities Desk.

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