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Rif Fort Museum
Riffort Village, Unit 423

Website: https://www.curacao.com/nl/directory/doen/musea/rif-fort-museum/

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The Rif Fort is part of the historic center of Willemstad that is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. This is therefore the perfect place to pay attention to that rich, beautiful, but in part also horrible history of the island, the city and in particular the fortresses. Right now the unwitting visitor often still walks around here, strolling along the shops, buying stuff, without realizing where he actually is. The Rif Fort Museum will add an extra dimension to what oftentimes is no more than a visit to a nice shopping center. History comes to life. Curiosity is triggered and chances are that because of it, someone will hang around a little longer. He or she has another drink and takes another look at the Rif Fort but this time with different eyes.


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