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Restaurant Villa Elisabeth
Dr. M.L. King Boulevard 125

Telefoon: 465-6417
Fax: 465-8355

Website: www.villaelisabeth.com/

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Late 18 hundreds an old villa located near the sea was renovated for Elisabeth, so that she could enjoy the fresh sea breeze and peaceful environment. Today everybody can enjoy this at "Villa Elisabeth", an exclusive restaurant surrounded by a beautiful tropical garden. Architecture, ambience and culinary pleasures go hand in hand in this historic atmosphere and it's elegant interior. French-European modern, culinary or classic dishes, prepared by our Cuisinier and his brigade. You can choose gastronomical creations, classics or exclusive surprise menu's. Also have a look in our wine cellar and make a choice of French famous wines or selected new world wines. In other words: "the sweets of life, you will find at “Villa Elisabeth"


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