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Massive Productions
Kaya Kooyman 32A

Telefoon: 560-6042 / 560-0758 / 560-3651
Fax: 465-8307

Website: www.massivepro.com/index2.html

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Massive Productions N.V. has one basic philosophy, put your costumer first. This because, you the costumer has only chance to do it right!!. So why would you take a chance with another company.

Massive Productions N.V. was born as Massive Sound & Lighting, which was primarily as DJ outfit. After a few years, it grew into a full production company and to reflect this, the name was changed into Massive Productions N.V.

Massive Productions N.V. can handle the job from conception until completion

Production: Do you have a bright idea? Let us handle it from start to finish. Take a load off and see your idea blossom

Sound: No job is too small or too big. From 5 people for your important conference to 15000 people for your concert, all will be taken care of with the same level of professionalism and dedication

Lights: With the largest inventory of intelligent and conventional lights, let us light up your event in a creative and innovative way

Visual: They say pictures are worth a 1000 words. Let us show this to your costumers. From a pull down screen in a meeting room to a huge screen for a large crowd, let Massive Productions get your message across.

Décor: Tired of same old decoration. Let us put a new spin on your concept. Make it fresh and applying to your clients

Repair: Let us fix your equipment, with our new service department we can fix from your screen/t.v. to your amplifier. We can also give your company a service contract to prevent any of your equipment breaking

Design and Installation: Opening a bar, restaurant or nightclub. You need sound, Lights or visuals for your location. Let us design it and do the install for your location.


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