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BALI Mixed Asian Restaurant
Kaya Groteberg 4

Telefoon: 6762583
Website: https://www.facebook.com/baligroteberg/

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In Bali Grote Berg we keep our promise of refined, fresh, homemade, Indonesian, Thai and Surinamese dishes, all with Caribbean cultivated ingredients. Exotic tastes in the beautiful settings of our Dushi Curacao with its cooling breezes.

Our dazzling restaurant with the huge palapa was built with natural materials and has not only a very sustainable look and peaceful atmosphere; at our terrace one can also enjoy watching airplanes preparing softly for landing.

Inside the restaurant with its Zen appeal, you will be surprised with the offers in our menu. Mixed Asian with a Caribbean touch! But let us further surprise you, since we also offer original European dishes. Right, one of our Chefs is from the metropole! So we at Bali Grote Berg will also offer tender steaks and rib eye, or would you prefer our grilled tuna and French fries? And if you favor global fusion, you can also request the merge with our Asian mix on your plate.

Vegan? No, problem. we do offer a wide variety of tasty vegetarian dishes


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