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Anchor Waterfront Bar & Restaurant
Riffort Village Unit 702-703

Telefoon: 462-2982 / 560-4228
Fax: 461-7858

Website: www.restaurantanchor.com/engels/index.htm

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Othon Evertsz the owner of the Anchor Waterfront Bar and Restaurant was a food and beverage professional from the KLM.

During his KLM years he travelled all over the world from which he gained a lot of experience.

With his food and beverage and airline catering background, he always dreamed off owning his own bar/restaurant.

In December 2002 he finally put his dream into reality, and was one of the first tenants who rented a unit to start his own cocktail/bar and cafe.

Just imagine the experience sipping on your Anchor Hurricane Breeze Cocktail along with a snack or a full dining experience, while enjoying the spectacular harbor view, the balmy ocean breezes and the enchanting cruise ships passing by so close on the top of the historical fortress built for more than 180 years ago.

We are open from 10:00 am when you start your day off with a cappuccino, espresso or just regular fresh brewed coffee.

Enjoy numerous selections of Cocktails, Beers and liquors throughout the day untill midnight.

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