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Amicorp Curaçao B.V.
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Through placing the highest value on personal service, Amicorp provides its clients expert and talented specialists in all of its operational jurisdictions.

Amicorp's jurisdictional specialists evaluate each client's needs through ongoing communication with the client and their legal, tax, or financial advisor. Based upon a mutual understanding of the client's specific needs, our specialists design a specific structure or solution tailored to realize goals and maximize the intended benefits. Through our extensive network of international offices, we guarantee clients that the most appropriate solution can be provided to fit their needs.

Beyond the development of structural solutions, all Amicorp offices employ dedicated financial professionals which provide complete financial administration, bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll and legal and corporate secretarial services.

Various services can be provided on an ongoing basis for each structure including the provision of committed employees, lease of office space, furniture and utilities as well as telephone and facsimile lines, P.O. Box addresses, and e-mail and website facilities.

Directors can be provided from within Amicorp or externally, to act as individual (or corporate) Managing and Supervisory Directors of companies incorporated in various jurisdictions. The Amicorp Group's internal network of jurisdictional specialists ensure the client that the entities established and administrated by Amicorp remain compliant with tax laws, filing requirements, government regulations and in good standing under the laws of the country of establishment.

The various services/structures listed may be used either alone or in tandem to create a solution for the client.

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